Hackett Legacy Project

At Berea Elementary School we have been working with the district and our PTO to create a legacy project in memory of our colleague that passed away last year, Barbara Hackett. Her vision was to have our courtyard become an outdoor learning environment. With the help of CSArch, we finally have a preliminary design. We now need your help.

In order for this project to proceed, we need as much help as we can get. We are looking for people to help with demolition and grant writing. Donations are welcome as well. We will need to demolish the entire courtyard in order to build anew. We’re looking for people to donate their labor and resources in the upcoming months.

We are still at the early stages and would really like community support with people who are ready to commit to this project. If you are interested, please contact the committee chairs via email.

If you are interested in donating, please visit our store on the Berea PTO FutureFund page, or send cash or check in to the school in an envelope marked "Hackett Legacy Project."

Miss Hackett’s humor was legendary and her story-telling was mesmerizing, but her love and devotion to students, colleagues, family and the community surpassed these by far. Miss Hackett’s knowledge and stories live on with each of us who knew her. We will always remember Miss Hackett and her legacy of love, lessons, and learning.

If Miss Hackett’s life has touched you in any way, we hope that you will come back to Berea in a few years to see the transformation of Berea’s courtyard. Miss Hackett always wanted to make it a special place for Berea students and teachers. It will be an inviting space filled with love – where stories and lessons can live on knowing that Miss Hackett played a big part in making it happen.

The below quote from the book YOU, by Sandra Magsamen, exemplifies Miss Hackett’s love for life and learning.

“Dream big and remember to follow your heart. Believe in yourself ‘cause you’re really so smart. When you grow up and do all that you do, the most important thing is just to be YOU!”